How is my data used?

Personal data

What is personal data? This is all data that can identify a specific person. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses and any other personal information.

This data is NEVER shared outside of Overview.

We do however use this data internally to allow us to improve our product. The most obvious example is customer service. That way we can address you by name, and reach you if we need to communicate with you.

Anonymized data

All data that is not personal is anonymized. What does that mean? It means your account does not refer to your name, but to a random identifier. For example, my account Charles becomes ieTiH6XiCCXDh2.

As this data does not contain information that can tie to you, we do use it to do data analysis (statistics, learning, predictions).

This data—anonymous but still yours—will NEVER be shared outside of Overview.

Aggregate data

What happens when we do analysis on anonymous data from MANY users? That's what is called aggregate data.

It's like mashed potatoes. Many potatoes are put together to form a delicious meal, but you can never go back to that original potato 🥔.

It's the result of the aggregate data analysis that we might commercialize.

Do you safely store my data?

We use the best standards worldwide to keep your data safe. Your data is stored on servers run, maintained and secured by Google. You might have heard of that company before 😉

Technically speaking, all data is transmitted through a secure SSL connection with 256-bit encryption. Data is only accessible by Overview employees who need access to it to do their job (mostly developers), and we require our employees to use 2FA authentication as an extra layer of security.

What's your business model?

You might be wondering how we earn money with a free app that does not have advertisement.

Will the app become paid?
Will you sell out my personal data?
Will you show advertisements?

Fair questions, and we want to answer this transparently. We are making this app free for you, forever, without ads, and will never earn money from you.

What we are doing, is learning how to make the best personal finance manager out there. That means listening to you, talking to you, and engaging with you. Asking you for feedback, and looking at how you use the app.

We do this so we can sell a similar technology to banks and mobile money providers around the world. It's our business solution, and you can read all about it on our business website:

Where is all the legal stuff?

If you want to read through our privacy policy, you can do so here:

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